Make money your way with Side Hustle

Find work when you need it, right from the Dave app. Between instant-pay Surveys and easy-apply Side Hustles, there are 1K+ ways to get paid.

Get paid instantly with Surveys

Launched in 2022, Surveys is a feature that pays you in real time to answer questionnaires. The more you take, the more you can earn. Dave members have earned $1M+ to date.¹


Take control of your income

Our pay isn’t always as flexible as we need it to be. If you’re behind on your budget, in between jobs, or saving for something, Side Hustle is for you. It’s a feature that makes finding work and earning money simpler.

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Choose how you earn

Apply for a variety of jobs with our Side Hustle board and earn up to $37/hr.²

Flexible hours

Need more freedom in your schedule? Apply for jobs with flexible hours.


Find shorter shifts (typically 30 hours or less a week) with part-time roles.


Work more on your terms with contractor and freelance jobs.

Work from home

Make money from anywhere with our featured remote opportunities.


Have more time to hustle this season? See who’s hiring this time of year.


Find short-term work that fits your schedule.

Put more cash in your pocket

Make more money now with Side Hustles and Surveys.

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1Based on internal data as of May 11, 2023. 

2 Opportunities and rates may vary depending on location and availability.